Outsourcing Public Relations and Marketing Services

In order for companies to succeed in their public relations and marketing plans they have to embrace media as the most important coverage service. The size of the company or the nature of trade does not matter; what is most important is having the organization products and services featured by the relevant media as it builds credibility and the marketing platform.

One may ask who really produces the media coverage. Is it the public relations staff in the company or the PR agency? Well today, most organizations are using outsourced public relations professionals; these are independent contractors/firms who work for any client in any part of the world.

The main reason why organizations choose to use these public relations consultants is because of their responsiveness, experience, dedication, and lower cost for more and better results.

When a company outsources public relations and marketing services, it does not have to pay employees salary and benefits, hidden costs of the office space, phones costs, computers, furniture and even support staff.

When companies hire independent contractors or agencies, it gets highly skilled and professional services with no employment obligations. Also independent contractors do not have distractions such as meetings; the internal meetings which can be time wasting.

Outsourcing is also very effective than hiring full time PR staff, because independent contractors and agencies have low overhead costs, working from a small office or at home. Also independent contractors/agencies have had many years of experience before launching their own practices. The outsourced public relations professionals work very well just like the full time employed PR staff; they can give the advice or the public relations strategy and create public relations plans.

Responsiveness is another advantage of independent firms; this is because independent public relations contractors/firms have a handful of clients so each one is very crucial to them. In addition many independent contractors work with other public relations personnel, this brings together the great specialized expertise needed for the job. The collaboration bring with it quality results.

Another advantage is the fact that independent PR contractors/firms can be hired for the project and be stopped when need be. The cost of the project can be predicted, after satisfactory agreement, a certain fee can be agreed upon for the job.

Additionally, independent PR firms have teams, who can provide specialized expertise. SK Consulting has a much specialised team. Our team members have special experience in PR for high-tech, financial services, education, healthcare, nonprofits, energy, insurance, small business, minority marketing, real estate, consumer goods, consulting, law firms etc. Our practice specialties include media relations, marketing consulting, and special-events planning, writing, media training, crisis communications and more. Together, we form a virtual consultancy, and clients can retain us.

How Outsourcing Works

The ability and flexibility to hire an independent PR consultant for a project is one of the advantages of outsourcing. You can start and stop as desired.

Ideally, however, there should be an ongoing program because companies need ongoing PR. For a continuing relationship, a set hourly, weekly, fortnightly or monthly fee is the most satisfactory arrangement for both the client and service provider. This gives the client predictable costs and shows the PR professional that the client is committed.

An outsourced PR consultant does the same things as a staff professional .He or she can advise on overall strategy and create the PR plan. To implement the plan, the PR consultant will establish and maintain personal contact with reporters and editors at relevant media; develop and pitch story ideas; write and place news releases, articles and case histories; set up interviews with your company’s executives and experts; and perhaps plan events and press tours.

Beyond media relations, the outsourced PR consultant may produce your newsletters, website, annual report, brochures or other marketing materials.

Does geography matter? It does not matter with technology; the internet has made the world very small. With current online work platforms, you can hire a public relations consultant from any part of the world and see things done online as if you are with the person in the same office. Getting the right Public Relations consultant is more important than proximity.

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