SKPR Consulting December 2013 Update

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We hope you enjoy this. Plus check new additions below to our powerful products, services, tools and solutions.

Hybrid Mail Service Available Now

Mail PDF documents to any part of the world. Speed up and simplify your documents mailing process whilst saving money. Hybrid Mail is a real cost effective alternative to the traditional way of sending mail. Hybrid Mail will save you the cost of postage, printers, consumables and the time you or your staff spend printing, folding, inserting and franking documents. Use Hybrid Mail and we will speed up your correspondence from our worldwide locations. Its fast and cost effective. Send Documents Now >>

Business Class Email

Get business class email with custom email addresses, unlimited email accounts, feature rich webmail interface, anti-spam and virus protection, popular email clients & smart phone support and more. Get Business Class Email Now >>

Online Meeting

If you need to consult on a particular subject we offer specialized online meeting/consultation. We will meet, collaborate and share information in a whole new way online.
How it Works
Contact us about your special need to schedule a meeting.
We will organize an online meeting where we will discuss and offer information to solve your needs. Check it >>

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