Why Effective Public Relations is More Than Good Deeds

From time immemorial; lecturers, students, authors and distinguished professionals in this field have been made to believe that public relations is all about ‘good deeds well told’ but the reality is far from it.

At SK Consulting we have realized in the course of our practice that the goings-on in this dynamic industry vary from one situation to another. This necessitates that for one to be able to cope with the challenges in the discipline, continuous learning is a must. This, it must be noted, is not only limited to professionals working in PR agencies but also applies to the ones who ply their trade in the in-house PR firms.

For a long time, the excuse has been the recognition of public relations as a profession especially in the developing countries and subsequently seeking independence from the management by way of voting for their own budget in a given financial year. But with the emergence of PR agencies all these is changing.

Many tertiary institutions and universities, the world over, have responded positively by designing appropriate Diploma and Degree programmes and are releasing thousands of graduates every year to the market who venture into both the in-house and the agencies whilst others change the path and go into mainstream journalism.

From the aforementioned Para’s one may realize that the argument is now drifting from recognition of PR as a profession to sustainability and regulatory issues. Well, there are bodies in each country to which some of us and our colleagues in this noble profession subscribe to and even international ones which give accreditation to seminars and trainings or workshops each year. This, notwithstanding, the challenge is how to distinguish between quacks who soil our good name in the market and genuine hardworking and dedicated colleagues who are willing to die for the profession.

SK Consulting wishes to note that with a virtual presence these issues become further complicated but nonetheless we will not tire to link up with like-minded professionals in defending our noble profession against incessant intrusion by ‘outsiders’ who arrogate themselves positions in the field saying that it is a profession that can be run by anyone-the so called arm-chair public relations (lip service business).

This is why we believe that effective public relations is more than ‘good deeds well told’. It sure must go beyond that.

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